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Saturday, July 20, 2024

About Secret Witness

Secret Witness is a private non-profit organization of concerned citizens dedicated to solving crimes and improving public safety by generating information, not otherwise available, that aids law enforcement in prevention of crime, arresting, and prosecuting suspects. The identity of secret witnesses shall remain protected and anonymous. Qualified secret witnesses will be rewarded for their information.

In support of the Secret Witness Mission Statement, a number of objectives were adopted for the organization. They are:

1. Assist law enforcement authorities in obtaining information about criminals and any violations of the law, fugitives, and other related matters that will help reduce crime and make our community a safer environment to live in.

2. Provide a means for the public to communicate information anonymously about criminal and civil offenses and fugitives without the threat of retaliation.

3. Provide rewards to promote the flow of information from the public.

4. Enhance the Secret Witness program by maximizing public awareness through advertising, public appearances, participation in community events and media activities.

5. Identify and implement progressive programs and partnerships to impact our culturally diverse community and schools that will benefit them from the services provided by Secret Witness.

6. Expand the geographic coverage and benefits of the Secret Witness program by assisting other communities in establishing their own programs or by incorporating other communities in the Northern Nevada Secret Witness Program.

7. Maximize law enforcement participation in the Secret Witness program by soliciting law enforcement representation at board meetings, participation in meetings of mutual interest, participating in law enforcement conventions and seminars and by involving law enforcement authorities in Secret Witness policy, organization and operation decisions and goals.

8. Maximize community support and funding of the Secret Witness program by expanding the number of sponsors and sponsor representation to include individuals, businesses and industry.

9. Maintain the efficiency and the effectiveness of the Board of Directors who represent the main economic and social sectors of the community’s Secret Witness serves. Seek individuals to serve on the Board who;

  • Possess talents and abilities that are required to achieve individual program results;
  • Are willing and able to actively participate in program goals and objectives;
  • Are well respected for their personal ethical standards and conduct.