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Monday, January 27, 2020

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Too often people with vital information about crimes fail to contact police because they fear retaliation or they simply don't want to testify in court. Hundreds of crimes have been solved as the result of anonymous Secret Witness tips. YOU WILL REMAIN COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS! If you have information that could help solve a crime please call our Hot Line at 775-322-4900 or the School Hot Line at 775-329-6666. You will be given an identification number when you call the hot line with information so you will be eligible for a reward if your information helps solve the crime.


Report A Tip Online
Use the form below to make an ANONYMOUS REPORT if you have seen a crime, or have information related to a crime. Upon submitting your information, you will be given a report number. The report number is required to claim your reward if your information helps solve the case. DO NOT include your name, email address, or phone number. All submissions are completely anonymous.


Type of Crime:
Name of Suspect(s): (if known)
Height: Feet Inches
Weight: Pounds
Clothing Description:

When submitting your tip, please be as descriptive as possible. Please indicate suspect's gender and whether weapons or children were involved. Remember the more complete your information the greater the chances of an arrest and you receiving a cash reward.

Tip Information/Description:

If you would like to leave your name and phone number for additional follow-up, please call Secret Witness at 775-324-4900 and speak to one of our call takers. Advise them whether you wish to remain anonymous and your contact information can be added to the report.


Text A Tip - 847-411, Keyword: SW


School Programs - Hotline & Text

Text Tips
274637 Enter
TIP725 + Message

Phone Tips
775-329-6666 Reno/Sparks Schools
775-283-1799 Carson City Schools


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